Get your Web Prescence right before Focusing on Social Media

Another interesting piece from Simply Zesty that highlights the importance of getting your web prescence right before throwing all your time and money into social media. An example in how-not-to-do-it from ‘Pizza Hut Delivery’ is used. Pizza Hut Delivery have put a huge effort into developing a Facebook App around offering ‘Fans’ free pizzas every time a goal is scored against France in the World Cup. While this may be a great idea in generating fans, their performance in search engine optimisation is left wanting. The first three results for ‘Pizza Hut’ in Google are (1) a site under construction, (2) an upside-down PDF menu and (3) a terms and conditions web-page! They may generate a lot of fans but will these fans have the patience to order from them online?

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Social Media Growth

Some of these figures are quite staggering! Surely this is an indication of how important Social Media is becoming in the area of online marketing.

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10 Do’s and Dont’s for Brands on Twitter

Twitter seems to be becoming more and more popular with brands both big and small for communicting directly with their fans. Anyone who is familiar with Twitter, however, will probably agree that some brands can come across quite annoying on Twitter. A combination of irrelevant posts, over-tweeting and what can be compared to ‘shouting’ their message at their followers can negatively effect a brands image on Twitter. Here Mashable provide a few Do’s and Dont’s for brands to follow while communicating on Twitter.

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The Google Job Experiment

This enterprising jobseeker has taken an innovative approach in getting the attention of potential employers. Watch the video below.

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Website or Facebook – What’s the Difference?

An interesting article from Simply Zesty questioning whether brands actually need a website at all with Facebook providing a virtually free alternative. In recent months, I have started to notice several companies (Lifestyle Sports for example) actually promoting their facebook page in particular instead of their website!

Click Here for the full article.

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