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I’m a digital strategist and project manager passionate about the intersection between technology and creative marketing. I’ve been living in Dubai, UAE since 2011.

I write a tech & digital marketing blog and regularly feature in Campaign Middle East magazine, as well as Entrepreneur.com, the Web Summit blog, on Lovin’ Dubai, the LinkedIn Pulse daily newsletter, WamdaLovin’ Trends and the Serviceplan Group blog.



Digital Media, Web & Mobile

I have worked on both the agency and client side, for small web start-ups and larger international software companies, in both a project management and business development capacity. I specialise in Digital Strategy, Web Design & Mobile App Development.

I also freelance in web design and work with HTML, CSS, Graphic Design & UX/UI.

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International Development

I have significant international experience having worked across the Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa. I also have an MSc. in International Business Growth from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School as well as having studied International Business at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

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During 2011 / 2012 I was part of Enterprise Ireland’s inaugural Graduates for International Growth programme having been included in the top 4% of over 1,200 college graduate applicants. I also have an MSc. in International Business Growth from University College Dublin and a BSc. in Marketing from Dublin Institute of Technology.

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My Blog

A quick thought on social proof in an ephemeral digital age

From a brand point of view, Snapchat is basically neutralizing social proof and the need for having large follower numbers and lots of heralded ‘engagement’. On Snapchat you can’t see how many followers a brand account has, or how many of them engage with the content. In theory,..

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Snapchat is trying to make itself more sticky

Snapchat is a smash hit, there’s no denying that at this stage, especially among younger users. But you don’t win in this game by standing still. This month alone, Snapchat has added a couple of new features which aim to make interaction on the app more sticky, making a concerted move..

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Turning the smartphone from a distraction into a safe-driving tool

Road traffic incidents are the number one cause of accidental injury and fatality in the world. And while our smartphones connect us to a world of possibilities, the addictive nature of our mobile lives can regularly distract us from the world around us, which can be especially dangerous when driving…

Posted by Rob in Android, Apps, Mobile

Emotional Branding: A John Lewis Case Study

When it comes to utilising the viral nature of the web to capture the collective hearts of a nation and breath new life into an old brand in the process, very few companies have been as successful over the last few years as

Posted by Rob in Advertising, Branding, Social Media

Mobile messaging, and what it means for brands

For the last 6 or 7 years, the growth of social media has been a phenomenon that’s affected everything from the way we communicate with one another to the way we consume media and entertainment. But as Social Networks make the move to being de-facto media distribution channels, users have overwhelmingly..

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